Entron EN7000 Single Phase AC and 3-Phase DC control 

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 EN7000 Spec Sheet 

The EN7000 Single Phase AC and 3-Phase DC constant current control and proportional force control for spot welding, projection welding and seam welding is one control that comes in your choice of 2 formats. For applications that require more regulation, the EN7000 comes with a gear plate mount/remote mount option with pendant for control. For applications that allow the operator the freedom to make adjustments, the EN7000-TS comes with a panel mount touch screen.  For more information contact T. J. Snow Co.

Main Features

      • 256 Weld Programs (schedules)
      • 3 Weld Intervals- Preheat + Main Weld + Post Heat
      • Cascade / Multi-valve Operation
      • Up to 8 SCR and 8 Main Valve (WAV) outputs
      • 16 Inputs / Outputs (short circuit protected)
      • Secondary or Primary Current Regulation
      • Ethernet (2 simultaneous connections)
      • RS232 Port
      • RS485 Port
      • Analog Port connects to Proportional Valve for weld force control or can output a measured current waveform.
      • Force Profiling
      • Electrode Manager (stepper functions) for up to 8 electrodes
      • Current and force monitor
      • Seam mode- change programs “on the fly” up to 8 Motor command outputs
      • Standard features mode reduces the available options for simple applications
      • Feature and programming format common with iPAK2 control


Additional Features

      • Multiple Communications Support
        • Modbus-TCP/IP (Ethernet), Modbus-RTU (RS485), RS232 all built in
        • Ethernet / IP and other Fieldbuses supported via external adapter option
      • Multiple Control Methods
        • Discrete I/O plus analog 0-10V
        • Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet
        • Modbus-RTU (Rs485)
      • Programming Methods
        • Pendant (RS232)
        • HMI RS485
        • HMI or PC software ethernet TCP / IP
      • Data-Logging (Spot Mode):
      • Internal data-logging up to 6000 records. Data can be recorded to hard drive through NetFlash.



      • EN7000
        • Gear plate mount / Remote Mount
        • Pendant
        • Modbus
        • NetFlash Programming
      • EN7000-TS
        • Panel mount
        • Touch screen display
        • Pendant
        • Modbus
        • NetFlash Programming




EN70000 / EN7000-TS

Pendant for EN7000 Control

NetFlash PC Software Internet Option


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