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standard_offset_holder1TUFFALOY Cast Class 3 Alloy offset holders combine long life with good conductivity. Threaded tip adapters are easily replaced when tip socket is worn beyond use, or when you wish to change to a different taper size. TUFFALOY offset holders are made in 2- and 4-inch offsets, and in four shank sizes, with 90° and 30° heads. They are supplied with adapters for No. 4 or No. 5 RW taper tips. Tip Ejector mechanisms are available on all 90° head holders and the 30° head 4-in. offset holders. When ordering this feature change order number prefix from ‘ON’ to ‘OE’. Example: OE-874-290. *May not be in stock
30u00b0 Standard Ejector Style Offset Holders
Part NumberDescriptionShank Dia. (in)RWMA Taper No.Offset Length (in)Offset Angle
335-0320*OE 754-430 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW430
335-0370*OE 755-430 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW430
335-0420*OE 874-430 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW430
335-0470*OE 875-430 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW430
335-0020OE 14-430 OFFSET HOLDER14RW430
335-0070OE 15-430 OFFSET HOLDER15RW430
335-0120OE 1254-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW430
335-0170OE 1255-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW430
335-0220OE 154-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW3.5030
335-0270OE 155-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW3.5030
*Item not normally stocked.
90u00b0 Standard Ejector Style Offset Holder
Part NumberPart DescriptionShank Dia. (in)RWMA Taper No.Offset Length (in)Offset Angle
335-0310*OE 754-290 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW290
335-0330*OE 754-490 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW490
335-0360*OE 755-290 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW290
335-0380*OE 755-490 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW490
335-0410*OE 874-290 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW290
335-0430*OE 874-490 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW490
335-0460*OE 875-290 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW290
335-0480*OE 875-490 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW490
335-0010OE 14-290 OFFSET HOLDER14RW290
335-0030OE 14-490 OFFSET HOLDER14RW490
335-0060OE 15-290 OFFSET HOLDER15RW290
335-0080OE 15-490 OFFSET HOLDER15RW490
335-0110OE 1254-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW290
335-0130OE 1254-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW490
335-0160OE 1255-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW290
335-0180OE 1255-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW490
335-0210OE 154-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW290
335-0230OE 154-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW490
335-0260OE 155-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW290
335-0280OE 155-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW490
*Item not normally stocked.
30u00b0 Standard Non-Ejector Style Offset Holders
Part NumberPart DescriptionShank Dia. (in)RWMA Taper No.Offset Length (in)Offset Angle
335-1300*ON 754-230 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW230
335-1320*ON 754-430 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW430
335-1350*ON 755-230 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW230
335-1370*ON 755-430 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW430
335-1400*ON 874-230 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW230
335-1420*ON 874-430 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW430
335-1450*ON 875-230 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW230
335-1470*ON 875-430 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW430
335-1000ON 14-230 OFFSET HOLDER14RW230
335-1020ON 14-430 OFFSET HOLDER14RW430
335-1050ON 15-230 OFFSET HOLDER15RW230
335-1070ON 15-430 OFFSET HOLDER15RW430
335-1100ON 1254-230 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW230
335-1120ON 1254-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW430
335-1150ON 1255-230 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW230
335-1170ON 1255-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW430
335-1200ON 154-230 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW230
335-1220ON 154-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW3.5030
335-1250ON 155-230 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW230
335-1270ON 155-430 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW3.5030
*Item not normally stocked.
90u00b0 Standard Non-Ejector Style Offset Holders
Part NumberPart DescriptionShank Dia. (in)RWMA Taper No.Offset Length (in)Offset Angle
335-1310*ON 754-290 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW290
335-1330*ON 754-490 OFFSET HOLDER3/44RW490
335-1360*ON 755-290 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW290
335-1380*ON 755-490 OFFSET HOLDER3/45RW490
335-1410*ON 874-290 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW290
335-1430*ON 874-490 OFFSET HOLDER7/84RW490
335-1460*ON 875-290 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW290
335-1480*ON 875-490 OFFSET HOLDER7/85RW490
335-1010ON 14-290 OFFSET HOLDER14RW290
335-1030ON 14-490 OFFSET HOLDER14RW490
335-1060ON 15-290 OFFSET HOLDER15RW290
335-1080ON 15-490 OFFSET HOLDER15RW490
335-1110ON 1254-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW290
335-1130ON 1254-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/44RW490
335-1160ON 1255-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW290
335-1180ON 1255-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/45RW490
335-1210ON 154-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW290
335-1230ON 154-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/24RW490
335-1260ON 155-290 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW290
335-1280ON 155-490 OFFSET HOLDER1 1/25RW490
*Item not normally stocked.