Tuffcap Extractors tuffaloy-logo

Tuffcap electrodes consist of two pieces: a shank and a replaceable cap. These two-part electrodes offer major economies. When the nose geometry is worn out, only the cap need be replaced, at a cost far less than a standard one-piece electrode. A Tuffcap shank will normally outlast ten to twelve caps. Also, electrode inventory can be small because all nose designs will fit the same size shank.

Male caps, 4 & 5 RW, EX-45, Part No. 601-0240 Male caps, 5 & 6 RW, EX-56, Part No. 601-0242 44.51 Male cap extractor has long lever handles for easier cap removal. In two dual-size models: EX-45 and EX-56.
Female caps, 4 RW, EX-4F, Part No. 601-0220 Female caps, 5 RW, EX-5F, Part No. 601-0221 Female caps, 6 RW, EX-6F, Part No. 601-0222 44.52 Female cap extractors are made for three Tuffcap shank sizes: Models EX-4F, EX-5F, and EX-6F.