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Offset Electrode Holders

Universal Holder Assemblies

Holders, Tee Connectors, and Adapter may be assembled as shown, line by line in the table on the Universal Holder Assemblies page, to make up holder assemblies that will do spot welding in many otherwise inaccessible places. Goldcrown (ejector-type) holders may be used in place of the non-ejector holders listed. The Tee Connector is Class 3 RWMA alloy.

Standard Offset Holders

TUFFALOY Cast Class 3 Alloy offset holders combine long life with good conductivity. Threaded tip adapters are easily replaced when tip socket is worn beyond use, or when you wish to change to a different taper size. TUFFALOY offset holders are made of 2- and 4-inch offsets, and in four shank sizes, with 90° and 30° heads. They are supplied with adapters for No. 4 or No. 5 RW taper tips. Tip Ejector mechanisms are available on all 90° head holders and the 30° head 4-in. offset holders. When ordering this feature change order number prefix from ‘ON’ to ‘OE’. Example: OE-874-290.

Using Standard Holders

Visit the Using Standard Holders page for a pictoral view of how to use standard holders.

Variable Offset Holders

These offset holders provide a range of offset dimensions rather than one fixed amount, as with other one-piece offset holders. The top has a long shank and can be moved in or out to vary the offset anywhere between four and five inches. The holders, all of Class 3 alloy, are made in three barrel diameters: 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/2 inches. The tips are positional because they have no taper: they have straight shanks, and are held in any selected position by a locking-wedge device in the holder. Tips are made in one and two-piece designs. The one-piece tips are offered with the nose designs shown on the Variable Offset Holders page. The two-piece tips are made up by combining the shanks shown on the Variable Offset Holders page with Tuffcap caps (normally used with No. 5 RW size Tuffcap shanks).

Paddle Type Holders

This holder is for weldingin very restricted areas. It provides a very low head height and a four-inch offset. It is made in shank diameters of 3/4, 7/8, 1, and 1-1/4 inches. An adapter bushing is used to add a 1-12-in. dia. model to the line. Each holder comes complete with a socket-type tip (SE-3101) and holding screw. The tip may be inserted in either side of the paddle. Holders are of Class 2 alloy. Tips are available in Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 alloy, or Z alloy. The four socket-type tips shown on the Paddle Type Holders page can be used in special welding fixtures and dies as well as in the paddle-type holders.

Heavy Duty Paddle Type Holders

TUFFALOY heavy-duty paddle-type holders are made of the stronger Class 3 alloy, for greater rigidity and minimum deflection, even under loads of 1000 pounds and more. Class 3 alloy provides 154% more tensile strength. Head height is a low 3/4-in. and the shank length is a usable 4 inches. Three low-profile electrodes of Class 2 alloy are offered for use in this heavy-duty holder. If applications permit greater head height, any standard No. 4 RW tip may be used.