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Cylinder-Mounted Multi-Spot Holders

page_15-1_croppedThese standard-tip holders are mounted directly to air or hydraulic cylinder pistons. They are ideal for assembling special multi-head resistance welding equipment. Current and coolant water are brought to each of the holders separately. Electrode adapters for the tip diameter being used and in lengths to suit your set-up are ordered separetely. Water tubes, for carrying water into the tip, should also be ordered separately. TUFFALOY offers both straight and offset holders for cylinder mounting. Clamps (see below), hose connectionswater tubes and adapters not included.  Order separately.

Off-Set Holders

Offset holders are offered in eight offset sizes, from 1/8 to 1 inch. The standard models have a 1/2-NPT adapter socket, to hold adapters for 4 & 5RW electrodes. Ordering a 3/4-NPT socket will permit adapters for 6 & 7RW electrodes to be used. 70.1

Straight Holders

Straight holders for multi-spot welding are available in two sizes, to carry tips having four different diameters. Series 101 holders are for 4 & 5RW tips, and Series 102 holders are for 6 & 7RW tips. They may be ordered with one or two sets of coolant ports. Mating electrical contact surfaces of both the barrels and the clamp are silver plated. Item Numbers for replacement barrels and clamp parts are called out on the drawings.

Adapters for Multi-Spot Barrel and Clamp

TUFFALOY threaded electrode adapters are used to provide longer electrode holder life, by providing a changeable electrode socket in holders having threaded openings. Standard electrode adapters are made of class 2 alloy. Other alloys available.
Cylinder Mounted Offset Holders
7/8-14 Threads for 4 and 5 RW Adapters Part No.1/2-14 NPT Threads for 4 and 5 RW Adapters Part No.3/4-14 NPT Threads for 6 and 7 RW Adapters Part No.Offset (inches)Width (inches)
Cylinder Mounted Straight Barrel Holders
Part NumberDescriptionOverall Length "A" (inches)Clamping Diameter "B" (inches)Thread TypeWater In "E"Water Out "D"Water Fitting ThreadWater Port Orientation
194-2020101-A3.581-1/81/2-14 NPT1-7/87/81/4-18 NPTIn Line 1 & 2
194-2025101-B3.581-1/81/2-14 NPT1-7/87/81/4-18 NPTIn Line 1, 2, 3 & 4
194-2026SH-101-13.251-1/81/2-14 NPT1-5/87/81/8-27 NPTLine 1, 2, 3 & 4
194-2070102-A3.931-3/83/4-14 NPT2-3/161-3/161/4-18 NPTIn Line 1 & 2
194-2075102-B3.931-3/83/4-14 NPT2-3/161-3/161/4-18 NPTIn Line 1, 2, 3 & 4
194-2080103-A3.581-1/87/8-141-7/81-3/161/4-18 NPTIn Line 1 & 2
194-2081SH-101-8763.581-1/87/8-141-7/81-3/161/4-18 NPTOffset 20°
194-2082653-10363.581-1/87/8-141-7/81-3/161/4-18 NPTOffset 20°
194-2085SH-102-B3.931-3/81-122-3/161-3/161/4-18 NPTIn Line 1, 2, 3 & 4
Clamps for Cylinder Mounted Holders
Part NumberDescriptionLength (inches)Width (inches)Height (inches)Dia. of Holder Socket (inches)Dia. of Welding Cable Socket (inches)Location of Welding Cable Socket (inches)Location of Holder Socket (inches)
194-2040101-23 1/41-1/23/41-1/85/83/42-5/8