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High pressure spot and projection welding operations may utilize forces over 2000 lbs and Tuffaloy high pressure holders and electrodes are designed to withstand these high forces. High pressure electrodes have flat bottoms which eliminates electrodes jamming that can occur with standard tapered holders. Another advantage is that the electrodes and holder heights are always the same, as contrasted to tapered electrodes which can be forced into the sockets to varying distances. Tuffaloy’s High Pressure Welding System uses a threaded coupling to hold the flange mounted electrodes and are available for use with platen mounted systems as well as straight holders for spot welding arm mounts.

High Pressure Straight Holders

High Pressure Straight Holders are designed to be mounted on rocker arm and direct acting press welders set up for shank mounted holders. These water cooled holders are designed to use all of the standard Tuffaloy size 1 and 2 high pressure electrodes.

High Pressure PM Holders

High Pressure PM Holders are designed to be platen mounted to the press type welder. This gives you a positive height for your tooling location. Electrodes can be easily changed using Tuffaloy’s threaded coupling system. The holders are water cooled and come in platen Size 1 and 2 for ease of mounting.

High Pressure Welding Electrodes

High Pressure Welding Electrodes are designed for use with Tuffaloy’s High Pressure Holder Systems. The water cooled electrodes have flat bottoms so that they have a positive mounting location and height. They all are held in place by the threaded coupling on the holder engaging the flange of the electrode.