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Multi-Spot Welding

multi-spot_weldingIncreased productivity without capital investment or increased labor costs just has to spell PROFIT. Hundreds of resistance welding users are profiting from the TUFFALOY methods of multispot welding, to produce almost any assembly requiring closely spaced welds. The key is to “think multiple!” Whenever the welding machine goes through a cycle, have it do more than one weld at a time. It’s easy and practical with one of the TUFFALOY multiple welding devices: The Teeter-Tip dual tip adapter, the Equatip dual tip holder, the Equa-Press dual tip holder, or the Tri-Spacer. They’re ready to go to work, cutting costs and increasing production efficiency for you. Study the multispot welding holders and adapters in this section. Learn their capabilities, “think multiple”, and you’ll probably see many ways in which TUFFALOY multispot welding can improve your operation. Remember that TUFFALOY is prepared to provide any special fixturing you need. Show our engineers what you require, and they’ll design a set-up to do it.

Teeter Tip

Teeter Tip: dual tip adapters are the lightest duty system offered by Tuffaloy. With this water cooled device you can make two quality welds at a time. You have doubled your productivity and equalized the force between the two welds for long term consistency. The Teeter-Tip holders will compensate for up to 0.060″ of height variation.

Equatip Holders

For the heavier duty applications, Equatip Holders offer a degree of more strength and consistency. Productivity is what we all strive for and the Equatip meets the challenge by producing two quality welds with each machine stroke. Heights variations of 1/16″ can be accommodated with the Equatip systems.

Equa-press Holders

Equa-press Holders are the heavy duty workhorse the mutispot welding industry is looking for. These versatile tools deliver equal current and force to two welds at the same time and can correct for up to a 3/16″ of part variation. Day in and day out the equatip will deliver the low cost quality welds that today’s marketplace demands.

Equa-Press Lower Holders and Electrodes

To complete the Multispot line Tuffaloy offers lower Holders and Electrodes. These products are designed to match up to the equatip and equapress adapters and provide a good mating surface for consistent quality welds. The units are water cooled and come in a variety of sizes to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Trispacer Triple Holder

In many cases we need to make multiple welds in a circular pattern, Tuffaloy offers the Trispacer Triple Holder for this application. Spacings from 1 3/8 to 3 ½” can be accommodated with this adapter. This water cooled system will accommodate variations in height up to 3/16″ and deliver equal current every time for multiwelding applications.