Fastener Verification System

Your end product defends your good name. That’s why T. J. Snow Co. is proud to present the TJS-FVS, a Fastener Verification System that monitors pin movement to insure your weld is properly stacked before, during, and after welding. With two modes to accommodate any machine and eight setting variations, improved weld quality in your end product is a given. And you’ll know that you’ve achieved perfection every. single. time.

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Used to detect:

  • Upside down nuts
  • Incorrect Nut or Stamping
  • Missing Nut or Stamping
  • Misloaded Parts
  • Stuck Pin
  • Projection Set Down


  • Pin Up Position
  • Proper Stack Up
  • Proper Final Thickness Positions

2 Modes of Operation:

  • Standard Mode: Operates with an existing weld control
  • PLC Mode: Integrates directly with a PLC or automated system

Use with standard weld heads and pins

Multiple Part Profiles (internal or external)

    User friendly interface

Remote mount display can can be mounted away from enclosure for operator convenience

Displays in inches or millimeters

Mounting Options:

        • Standard
        • Extended Base
        • Platen & Tapered

TJS-FVS Home Screen